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75th Anniversary Cover 

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This issue, edited by The Fiddlehead's advisory board, includes contributions from  Roy J. Adams, Mary Barnes, Brandi Bird, J.D. Black, Selina Boan, Nicole Breit, Brian Brett, Laurie Brinklow, Jake Byrne, Antony Di Nardo, Jo-Anne Elder, Tanya Evanson, Alyda Faber, Sue Goyette, Mackenzie Ground, Maureen Scott Harris, Maheen Hyder, shalan joudry, Jónína Kirton, Eva Kolacz, Hege A. Jakobsen Lepri, Lee Maracle, Rachel McCrum, Sofia Mostaghimi, Susan Musgave, Nolan Natasha, Cecily Nicholson, Arleen Paré, Barbara Pelman, E. Alex Pierce, Michelle Porter, Gabriel Robichaud, Ingrid Ruthig, Clarisse Baleja Saïdi, Anna Swanson, Michelle Sylliboy, Émilie Turmel, Arielle Twist, Jean Van Loon, Margo Wheaton.

Includes artwork is by Sophie Hamidovic, Saman Sarheng, April White.

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